The Colony Devlog 3 – Teaser Trailer Released!

New Game Teaser Released for The Colony! Latest news update includes a new game teaser trailer, new weapons, new levels, game design updates, and more!

The Colony – Game Teaser Released!

Wow, are we already into 2016? Let’s see what the team accomplished in 4Q 2015.

New weapons
We’re experimenting with a few new weapons in The Colony to see how they play out.

Der Snipinfitzel


Der Boomsticken


New Level
In our previous video, we showed a forested island level that we’d been playing around with for scaling purposes. While it was a great environment for testing, we’ve developed a new level in preparation for our first alpha test session complete with mobs, base placement, and resource nodes.

New Level Pic

New Level Pic

New Building System
Our goal with this system was to enable players to produce a structure that looked organic, easy-to-use, and original than most building systems you see in games. Everything you create is destructible, networked, and down-right fun to play with.

What’s Next?
We’re smashing networking and game bugs (no pun intended) left and right to prepare for more advanced game design features like Rain and Specialty ants. We’ll be conducting some play-through tests soon to monitor how the game performs over the network.

One of my favorite bugs that I dealt with recently was our Queen was spawning eggs…continuously. Sort of reminded me of my night last week after eating too much Taco Bell. AMIRIGHT!?

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