You are an ant.

One day, whilst harvesting food for your queen, the whole “lifting-50-times-your-body-weight” thing goes to your head and you get the idea to create your own colony.

You’ve seen other ants leave the nest before only to be found later in pieces a few feet away.

But this is different. This is you. You’re unique. You’re smart. You’re strong. And you’re not bad on the eyes.

You take one look back at your former home and think about your friends and family. They’ll understand.

Your story begins.

The Colony focuses on exploration, cooperation, and the never-ending quest to become the greatest colony in the land!

Start the colony of your dreams by choosing the right location and giving birth to your own little ant army!

Expand and grow your colony by finding resources and creating pheromone trails for your workers to follow! Customize your base by digging into the ground, setting up a perimeter of traps and structures, and warding off would-be intruders to your glorious ant empire!

Survive. Giant spiders, starvation, natural disasters, other ants, and many other challenges stand between you in your colony’s quest to reign supreme. What lengths will you go to protect you and your own?

Attract specialized ants to your colony to provide unique weapons, armor, and abilities to your colony! Explosives and collateral damage suit your tastes? Spawning a fireant with a healthy supply of X should do the trick. A stealthy, stab-you-in-da-back, play style more your cup of tea? First off, I hate you, and secondly; Yes, we have that too.

Treat and wage war with other any colonies to achieve mastery over your domain. Anything goes. The Colony supports a massive 100-person multiplayer arena where players grow their colonies, create alliances, and conquer each other over resources to become the last standing colony!

Gain experience and unlock new colony skins and achievements! Your deeds in battle won’t be forgotten. Be the envy of every ant on the scene when you go strutting around in your very own Bee Mount!

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