“We Break Out Tonight” Greenlight Begins!

Good afternoon Colonites!

For those who have been following us for awhile, you may have wondered about the lack of activity in the recent months. We had some real-life events take place (nothing major, just moving locations) and decided to take a small break from our game development journey.

About a month ago we decided to dive back into the game development world and create this small little project inspired by an escape room we visited. Our plans are to complete this project in a few months and return back to our development of The Colony.

We’re currently trying to Greenlight! Come help us out!

Introducing “We Break Out Tonight”

Discover clues and unlock secrets as you work together to escape your imprisonment. We Break Out Tonight is an immersive, puzzle-cracking experience which sets you and your friends against clock as you make your escape towards freedom.


We Break Out Tonight includes VR and non-VR compatibility, five full-length themed scenarios, LAN / Internet / Single-player options, and multiple difficulty modes to put your sleuthing skills to the test!


Free playable demo release on December 14th!

You, your fellow elves, and Santa have been kidnapped! Work together in this Holiday-themed scenario to solve the mysteries of your imprisonment and and reveal your captor.

Whether it’s stopping a runaway train before it crashes, uncovering an Egyptian tomb, or a serial-killer murder mystery, We Break Out Tonight aims to bring players along a puzzle-based story adventure with fun and friends alike.
Ramhead Games are a small independent team of brothers looking to create fun and immersive gaming experiences. Inspiration for the game came from visiting several real-life Escape Rooms and we wanted to recreate that same experience we had in reality, to virtual reality!

Building this game has been as rewarding of an experience as we hope you have playing it and we look forward to hearing from the community.
Future plans include room-scale HTC Vive support, localization support for non-English languages, iOS and Linux versions, community level creator, and leader-board competition.

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