The Colony Devlog 5 – Building Forts with Friends

Long and laborious nights have brought you our new Building System for the Colony!

We were aiming to provide something easy-to-use, unique, and organic looking. We’re big fans of Rust and the joys of creating a little home for your family, but wanted to expand the idea to enable a new type of building for our players.


Inspired by modelling, this system allows the play to create and place triangles around the level in any size, orientation, and location they please.BuildingPic3

Players can create bridges and ramps easily around the level and connect themselves to new locations.BuildingPic5

Players can remove triangles should they misplace them.BuildingPic7

This system has logic to handle destruction, decaying, and auto-90 degree alignment for those who still want a straight blocky build style.BuildingPic8

Overall, we’re pretty excited to see players use this system and see how it impacts the dynamics of our game.

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